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We've been setting new pet care standards since 1995.

Best Friends Pet Care has top-notch, employee-owned facilities offering a variety of services: boardinggroomingdaycare, and training. Each location has its own unique charm, reflecting our commitment to excellence and strong ties within the local community.

We focus on building upon the strengths of your business while maintaining what makes it special. Collectively we will determine the best approach to nurture your employees, grow your business and protect your legacy.


Promote your team to stakeholders.

We ensure that our team shares in our success in a meaningful way. That’s why we introduced an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Through the ESOP, our employees become part owners of the company and enjoy financial benefits from their hard work. This provides a direct incentive for them to give their best and take pride in their contributions.

As a result, your employees will not only become part of our team, but also become owners of our business.


Secure your legacy.

We recognize that building your business has been a remarkable journey. It has required years of dedication, hard work and determination to shape it into what it is today.

Therefore, we understand that deciding to sell your business is an immense decision – one that we will support every step of the way.


We have a knack for simplifying the complex

here's why....

Tuned in Industry Leaders

Best Friends is the first and longest running Play & Stay pet destination with locations nationwide including Best Friends Walt Disney World. Our knowledge enables us to ask the right questions and avoid red tape hassles.

Open Minded Flexibility

Not every business transaction is the same. What is important to you, matters to us. As we explore this opportunity together, let us know how we can tailor it to meet your needs. We are open to different ways of structuring our agreement leaving you satisfied with your decision.

Dedicated to the Essentials

Our employees and customers matter most. In addition to becoming part owners in our company, employees appreciate our comprehensive benefits package. And, with a nationwide portfolio of locations, there are ample opportunities for career growth and personal development. We value our pet parents and their beloved pets. They appreciate our exceptional staff and unwavering standards making safety our top priority. Our Veterinary Consultant plays a vital role in keeping us up to date with the latest pet care standards and implementing new protocols.

There's a face and a name to our business.

From the beginning to the end, you will work directly with Darryl Sampson. He will keep the process smooth and ensure your needs are being met.

Darryl joined Best Friends Pet Care in 2017, leading operations & facilitating growth. Since coming on-board he helped transition the business to an ESOP, developed operational processes that improved customer experiences, & created greater cohesion across the footprint. Darryl carries a wealth of pet care knowledge including 14+ years of leadership experience at Petco.

Darryl enjoys building relationships with business owners & collaborating to structure arrangements based on each unique situation. His passion for pets is evident at home as a pet parent to two labs, Rocky and Coco. During his free time he loves to fish & spend time outdoors with his dogs.

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