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Canine Crew

Canine Crew is our Doggy Day Camp Membership Program. It’s safe, supervised, slobbery fun – for dogs of all different breeds and sizes – in a social environment designed just for them, where they can run, play, nap and chow down with their best buddies. 

With three tiers of membership (6 days/month, 12 days/month, and unlimited), our program allows for flexibility, a simplified process, and low cost per day.

(Available Mon-Sat). 


A day in the life.

Under the supervision of our Certified Doggy Day Camp Counselors, your dog will spend the day doing what dogs do best: playing, snacking, napping and loving life!



Upon arrival, you and your dog are greeted by staff. If you’re both new to camp, you’ll be interviewed first to make sure your pup is a good fit for us (and vice versa).

Group play time

Group play time

Your dog heads in with other campers and counselors to our indoor/outdoor play areas for group activity. If it’s a holiday or camper birthday, there may even be a party (we’ll find any excuse).

Missing your dog right about now?

Missing your dog right about now?

Most of our locations offer petcams for our pet parents. Hop on any time and see what your best friend is up to (other than missing you, obviously).

Nap Time

Nap Time

After lunch, the dogs can relax, take a snooze, or play some more! Our Camp rooms have plenty of space for those who want some rest & relaxation.



We want your dog to love their days at Best Friends, so we’re big on customization. You can make sure your dog has a bath, extra cuddle time or even an ice cream with our extensive add-ons menu.



All fun days must come to an end. When you come to get your dog, we’ll fill you in on their day—how they ate, played and slept. We’ll also let you know about any upcoming events, like scavenger hunts, ice cream socials and more.


Fun-filled, themed parties every month.

Canine Crew is more than just daycare, it’s community—with parties and social events held throughout the year.

We're big on safety.

We take careful measures to ensure the well-being of all pets in our care. Our pet parents are entrusting us with their precious fur babies and best pals in the world, and we take that responsibility to heart.

Well-Trained Humans

Staff learn proper handling, signs and symptoms of illness, dog expressions and body language.

Squeaky-Toy Clean

We use only the safest cleaning products formulated specifically for use around animals.

Keeping It Cool

We control and monitor indoor temperatures to ensure pet comfort.

Meticulous About Meds

All pets receive medication through specially trained team leads only.


Interview required for new campers.

To maintain the safety of all dog’s in our care, every new camper is screened by our staff to ensure they’re a good fit for group play.


"Daycamp has made a huge difference in my dog’s socialization and well being. The staff are welcoming and knowledgeable."

Jennifer S

Membership Program Q&A

How does the Doggy Day Camp Membership Program, Canine Crew, work?

Canine Crew is a doggy day camp experience that you love without the need to load points throughout the month. When you sign up, you determine the level of membership that you will use and agree to automatic monthly payments being deducted from your credit card on the first of every month.

How much does it cost?

Membership, in Canine Crew, can be unlimited, 12 days/month, or 6 days/month for camp. Click button & select your location to see pricing.

What happens if I run out of days during the month while enrolled in the membership program?

If you run out of day camp points, during the month while enrolled in the membership program, then you can purchase additional days – see pricing above. For the upcoming month, you may decide to upgrade your membership to the next level.

How do I join the membership program?

Click on any “Get Started or Change Membership” button to be taken to our Canine Crew signup
form on this page.


"Our pup gets so excited the moment we turn into the driveway at Best Friends. She bolts for the camp room and has made doggy friends. I see other dogs doing the same thing. They love it there!"

Sarah M


Canine Crew Request Form

Know Before You Go

Canine Crew (Doggy Day Camp)

We can’t wait to meet our new best friend. To help you prepare for your Canine Crew Doggy Day Camp experience, we’ve put together a checklist and answers to the most frequently asked dog daycare questions. Click on the button below to download it!