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1. How can I apply for a job?

To apply for a job, at one of our centers, you can visit our Careers page to learn more about our company, the types of positions we have, and click on the “Search & Apply” button to find if there are available positions near you. Once our hiring staff receives your application, they will reach out to you if they have an opening that matches your qualifications. Thanks for considering a career with us!

2. What qualifications do you look for in your staff?

We hire pet (and people!) lovers who will gladly cuddle, play with, comfort and (yes) clean up after our guests to give them a great experience while they are away from home. We look for individuals with relevant experience in animal care, human hospitality, grooming, customer service, etc. Once a candidate is selected they must complete an intensive certification program to ensure they are prepared to offer the best possible care. Visit our Careers page to learn more about the positions at our centers.

4. What benefits do you offer full time employees?

We offer standard medical, dental, and vision insurance to our full-time employees. Also, if you are a pet parent, you are provided free doggy day camp and discounted boarding for your furry loved ones. To broaden your skills, we provide training which also promotes career advancement so you can grow with us. Best Friends Pet Care is employee owned which means our employees have more autonomy, flexibility, and influence on company decisions along with a share in our profits.

5. How is working at Best Friends Pet Hotel different?

Two things really separate working at Best Friends Pet Hotel compared to other companies. The first is your clientele. How many people can say they snuggle with their customers? When you work with us you get to do great things for pets each day and watch them grow in your care. The second best thing about working at Best Friends is that we are employee owned which makes us very unique. We are invested in the business and have impact on decisions.

6. Do you hire volunteers?

We do not hire volunteers at our centers. All of our folks, interacting with our fur-clients, are employees of Best Friends Pet Care.