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5. How do I reach someone in your corporate office?

If you have questions about an upcoming reservation or related to a specific center, it is best to contact our center directly through our “Contact Us” form. These are emailed directly to the management, in the center, and they can assist. If you need to reach someone in our Corporate Office for something else, you can email them here. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

6. Do you franchise?

Best Friends does not franchise. We are a Employee Majority Owned company, and we fully own and operate all of our locations. All of our full-time eligible team members are also employee owners. As such, we all invested in Best Friends and care for your pets as though they are family. Learn more about us.

7. When are you opening a center in my area?

We are always looking for opportunities to bring Best Friends to more pet owners. Our decision to expand our operations depends on a variety of factors – from locating appropriate real estate to obtaining planning and zoning approvals to managing the construction process. Check out our locations here.