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1. Do you offer dog training?

Training classes are available at some of our Best Friends locations. Best Friends Canine College offers a wide variety of group, private or while-boarded obedience training programs for pooches of all ages. Centers, that offer training, have multiple class levels – from beginning to advanced.

Visit our Training Page to learn more. If your location offers training then it will be a dropdown selection on the Training Form located at the bottom of the training page. Feel free to fill it out with any questions or needs and our center associates will get back to you promptly.

2. What kind of veterinary services do you offer?

Around half of our centers provide veterinary services for your pet through our partnership with VIP Petcare. These clinics are designed to support the wellness of your pet through testing and preventative measures and are run by state-licensed Veterinarians. You can get necessary vaccinations, receive diagnostic tests, and much more. Visit our Vet Care page to learn more and to find a clinic near occurring a Best Friends location near you. No appointment necessary!!

3. Do you have any services specific to puppies?

Puppies are always welcome at our centers. In order to board with us, puppies need to be at least 4 months to ensure they have all of their needed vaccinations. We also have a special Puppy Play Group program designed to give your puppy the needed socialization so he/she can grow into a well adjusted dog. And, of course, our grooming services are a great way to keep your pup feeling great. Getting them started on a grooming schedule early will help you in the long run as you expose them to having their feet touched, to loud sounds, and to interactions with new people. If it’s your first time learning about us, come and visit by Booking a Tour of our facility.

6. What are the ways I can book a reservation?

There are a few ways that you can book a reservation with us and the route you take depends on you. The most convenient way to book a reservation is through our Mobile App. Download the app, fill out a profile for you pet, and have all the information you need on your fingertips. If you prefer technology on a desktop, you can visit our Reservations Site and follow the same process. And if you like to discuss your needs with a live audience, feel free to call our centers directly. Find a location near you and drop them a line.