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8. What happens when a pet becomes ill?

Every Best Friends facility has 24-hour, on-call veterinary support. We maintain relationships with several veterinary hospitals near each center so that we are always assured of emergency veterinary care whenever it is required.

7. Do you have someone at your pet care centers 24 hours a day? What about vet coverage in the case of emergencies?

Our centers are monitored with emergency response systems for heating, cooling, smoke, fire and security 24-hours a day. We do not have staff members on site overnight, except at our Walt Disney World location. Our team members are on site in the early morning to feed, walk, check on and do activities with the pets every day, (regardless of published customer-facing Center hours) and do not leave until after all of the pets have been fed, and let out for their evening activities. For the dogs to have a restful, relaxing stay, it’s critical that they are not disturbed overnight, and the presence of a staff member keeps the dogs awake and the dogs feeling more stressed as they are very sensitive to even the slightest noise.

Each of our pet care centers has a relationship with a highly reputable, local veterinary for emergency care. In the event of an true emergency, we will bring your pet to the closest high quality vet that we have a relationship with, otherwise we will do our best to bring your pet to your own vet on file with us if the matter is not urgent.

5. What is your cancellation policy?

Since our boarding rooms and suites fill up fast, we have set a cancellation policy for those who are reserved to board with us.

At our Disney location: We require a cancellation within 48 hours of your boarding reservation in order to return your full deposit.
Other locations: We realize that plans do change, and wish to accommodate all of our customer’s needs. We ask that you give as much notice as possible but at least 72 hours advance cancellation of the scheduled arrival date.

For our day camp Canine Crew membership program, we require 30 day notice to cancel for the upcoming month.

For grooming, we would appreciate as much heads up as possible so we may accommodate other pet parents.