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2. Do you offer doggy day camp and what are the requirements?

Doggy Day Camp is a popular, daytime group socialization class for dogs that meet certain criteria. We offer day camp as part of a membership program called, Canine Crew. You can select among monthly memberships of 6 days, 12 days, or unlimited days each month. The program is available at all of our pet care centers. Selection criteria include:
-Being at least 6 months
-Being spayed or neutered
-Having the ability to interact with other dogs in a social setting without overt aggressiveness
-Absence of health concerns, which might limit physical activity or require one on one focused attention by an animal care technician
-Parent’s ability to enroll the pet in a regular schedule of sessions (not necessarily each day) but regularly enough to allow the pet to gain status within the pack, and to become comfortable in the surroundings.