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28. Can my pet catch a disease by being kenneled with other pets?

Yes, your pet can be exposed to disease when kenneled with other animals. The risk is, however, quite low, and virtually eliminated when kennels require advance vaccination to ensure a healthy population of boarded guests. Additionally, high sanitation standards and quality living conditions are vitally important to ensuring an absence of disease.

Our modern sanitation procedures, air flow system, required vaccinations, kennel suites construction, and staff training programs all help to create a healthy, safe and secure environment for your pets when they are in our care. You may have heard “horror stories” of poor treatment and conditions at kennels in the past…we have taken great pains to ensure that all Best Friends pet care centers provide a first-class, highly sanitary environment that dispel any fears you might have about boarding your pets with us.

We strongly suggest a tour, before making a boarding selection, of any facility that you might consider in your area. Here’s what to look for:

¨ You should be able to tour any aspect of the facility without a reservation, at any time during business hours.

¨ It should smell and be clean from top to bottom.

¨ Staff members should be available and capable of answering any of your pet care questions.

¨ You should request and receive reference lists of current and/or past customers to check on their satisfaction.

¨ Staff members should own pets and appear kind and friendly toward the animals in their care.

¨ The kennel should require vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian prior to allowing a pet to be boarded.

¨ Kennel suites or runs should be spacious and clean, and independent from one another. There should be no evidence of group kenneling, except, of course, for Doggy Day Camp socialization day camp programs for qualified pets (spayed or neutered, vaccinated, can be socialized, non-aggressive).