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8. Does Best Friends use heated drying cages in its grooming facilities?

We have a policy against the use of heated drying cages in our grooming salons.

Our Grooming Associates are trained to hand-dry pets after they have been bathed. The process involves brushing out the coat to remove shedding hair, while blowing it dry. The use equipment similar to, although larger than, the hair dryer you might use at home. When your pet’s coat is almost completely dry, they are put into a holding compartment to rest. A high volume of ambient, room-temperature air is circulated in that compartment. We NEVER add heat to the circulating air.

In addition, we are continually evaluating and upgrading the equipment at each of our facilities to ensure that all Best Friends salons are in compliance with our strict corporate standards.

The health, safety and comfort of all of the pets in our care is of primary importance to us. We have established our grooming policies, selected the equipment we use, and trained our staff with those requirements in mind.