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What to expect during the interview

We pride ourselves on a spectacular safety record. Therefore, we require all new day campers to visit us for an interview. During the interview, we observe your pet’s play style, energy level and temperament to determine the best daycare program for them. The interview is a simple process that can be conducted in less than an hour.

Next steps

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these three steps below to complete the interview process. 

Step #1: Schedule an Interview

Please take a moment to complete the quick online form with details about your furry friend and your contact information. One of our staff members will be in touch with you to schedule a convenient date and time for your interview.


Step #2: Fill out Pet Personality Form

To prepare for the interview, we ask that you fill out our Pet Personality Form. This will help us learn more about your dog’s background and better understand how your furry friend will interact in a group play environment. Bring this filled out form with you to the interview.


Step #3: Attend Interview with Pup

During the interview, our experienced staff will carefully review the Pet Personality Form to gain valuable insights into your furry friend. Following this conversation, we will observe your dog, in various interactive situations, to assess their temperament. Our helpful staff members, conducting the interview, will discuss any concerns and answer any questions that you have about our doggy day camp program.

Ask about our individual play option for any introverted pups that thrive better on their own!

"Know Before You Go"
Dog Daycare Checklist

If it is determined that your pup will thrive in a group play setting, then we will help you arrange the fun!
To help you prepare for doggy daycare, we’ve put together a checklist and answers to the most frequently asked daycamp questions.
Click on the button below to download it!