Welcome to BARKS!

We aim to provide a luxury canine boarding and full-service daycare, equipped for indoor and outdoor play, social interaction and pampering.  Supervised off-leash play has long been our focus, but over time we have come to enjoy the one-on-one interactions with our more mature guests. All our guests happily expend energy or revel in pampering while their owners are away at work or play. Our ultimate goal is to improve the bond between pet parents and their dogs by providing a worry-free, off-leash, stay and play experience.


Services available at BARKS


Send your pup on the ultimate play-cation. We provide a cozy space equipped with comfortable beds and bedding. Guests retire for the night to a suite of their own (or with a sibling) and participate in daycare where they play, nap, and socialize with their best friends.


Our dog daycare is a cage-free environment where social dogs are allowed to play in supervised groups. Play-groups are determined based on size, play-styles and temperament. With over 9,000 square feet of indoor play areas, and two out-door play yards, our facility is well-equipped for off-leash fun. Features include indoor and outdoor canine turf for a mud-free, hygienic experience.

BARKS is part of the “Powered by Best Friends” network. Before coming aboard, BARKS was operating independently in the Savannah community, boasting a proven track record of success. Now, as valued member of the Best Friends family, BARKS enjoys the support and guidance of our leadership while preserving its distinctive character and services.

When you step into any of our Powered by Best Friends establishments, expect a one-of-a-kind experience enhanced by exceptional staff and special touches. Your visit will be nothing short of delightful with extra belly rubs for your furry companion. We take great pride in having BARKS as part of the Powered by Best Friends network!