Welcome to Fur Babies Pet Resort!

Fur Babies aims to deliver a lavish experience for both dogs and cats, offering private resting spaces and indoor/outdoor yards where dogs can socialize with their companions. And what’s more rewarding than picking up your cheerful pup? It’s picking them up after they’ve received a fresh grooming session and are feeling fantastic. Our expert staff at Fur Babies ensures a stress-free environment, so your pet can indulge in pampering and relaxation.

All wagging tails lead to Fur Babies!


Services available at Fur Babies Pet Resort


In our pet resort, you won’t find the cramped, gloomy spaces other boarding providers might use to house your pup. Each of our doggie guests has their own bright and cheery area to rest and sleep. They’ll be allowed to get plenty of supervised exercise and interact with friends in the fresh air.


Our canine-loving, grooming staff will provide a caring, stress-free environment that allows your pet to completely relax and feel pampered. Whether they’re with us for a custom haircut alone or the full range of services, rest assured that we will provide your canine companion with the ultimate grooming experience.


We provide round the clock monitoring of your dog. With plenty of large fenced spaces to play in and countless toys to chase, as well as other dog friends to engage with, Fur Babies Pet Resort has everything needed to create the perfect doggie daycare experience. We always separate the big dogs and the little ones to keep everyone happy during playtime.

Fur Babies Pet Resort is part of the “Powered by Best Friends” network. Before coming aboard, Fur Babies Pet Resort was operating independently in the Greenville community, boasting a proven track record of success. Now, as valued member of the Best Friends family, Fur Babies Pet Resort enjoys the support and guidance of our leadership while preserving its distinctive character and services.

When you step into any of our Powered by Best Friends establishments, expect a one-of-a-kind experience enhanced by exceptional staff and special touches. Your visit will be nothing short of delightful with extra belly rubs for your furry companion. We take great pride in having Fur Babies Pet Resort as part of the Powered by Best Friends network!