Welcome to The Hipster Hound
on Echols Ave!

With two Hipster Hound locations, this is where it all started. The Hipster Hound is pioneering a healthier lifestyle for pets in mind, body and spirit. Located in midtown Savannah at 115 Echols Avenue, we offer dog boarding services, doggy day care, and our own line of handmade dog treats, grooming products, and dog food.

We know you hate leaving your dogs alone – we do too. You also want to feel confident knowing they are having fun and getting the same love, attention and care that you provide. Look no further – The Hipster Hound is there for you –  whether your furbaby is a puppy, an active adolescent, a shy guy or a content senior, we have you covered.


Services available at Hipster Hound on Echols Ave


Hipster Hounds play hard during the day, so at night they need a place to renew mind, body and spirit. At The Hipster Hound, our private dog boarding kennels are quiet and comfortable, to ensure your Hipster Hound settles in for a cozy night's sleep.


Our expert dog groomers wash, trim, dry and style a dog’s coat, taking care to make your pet comfortable throughout the process. Your dog may not appreciate the grooming at the time, but you are making him/her healthier. Big dog, small dog, longhair, shorthair or in between, rambunctious puppy or mellow oldster, we work well with each pet and will follow your wishes.


We know you'd rather be playing with your dog all day, but that's not always possible. That's why The Hipster Hound is here for you. We offer a huge play area for your dog where he or she can have a ton of social time with friends. We ensure that your dog gets the best care. Our Hipster Handler care team loves dogs and caring for them. They also understand dog behavior and strive for our fur guests to have the most fun possible, keeping in mind their safety, health and well-being.

The Hipster Hound is part of the “Powered by Best Friends” network. Before coming aboard, The Hipster Hound was operating independently in the Savannah community, boasting a proven track record of success. Now, as valued member of the Best Friends family, The Hipster Hound enjoys the support and guidance of our leadership while preserving its distinctive character and services.

When you step into any of our Powered by Best Friends establishments, expect a one-of-a-kind experience enhanced by exceptional staff and special touches. Your visit will be nothing short of delightful with extra belly rubs for your furry companion. We take great pride in having The Hipster Hound as part of the Powered by Best Friends network!