Welcome to Ziggy's Dog Parlor!

We know your dogs are like family, so we treat them like our own. Whether they’re visiting us for a quick nail trim or a luxurious spa day, rest assured they’ll receive top-notch treatment. Serving the Mt. Pleasant community for over a decade, we pride ourselves on providing tailored grooming solutions to suit both you and your pup’s preferences. From a wide selection of specialty shampoos catering to various skin types to additional services such as nail filing, teeth brushing, anal gland expression, and shedding control – we go above and beyond to ensure your canine companions look and feel their best.

All wagging tails lead to Ziggy’s Dog Parlor. Let us know how we can style your pup!


Services available at Ziggy's Dog Parlor


Choose from a variety of grooming offerings including: Bath & Brush, Light Groom or Full Groom. Customize your experience to your needs by adding on separate services to make your pup feel his best.

Ziggy’s Dog Parlor is part of the “Powered by Best Friends” network. Before coming aboard, Ziggy’s Dog Parlor was operating independently in the Mt. Pleasant community, boasting a proven track record of success. Now, as valued member of the Best Friends family, Ziggy’s Dog Parlor enjoys the support and guidance of our leadership while preserving its distinctive character and services.

When you step into any of our Powered by Best Friends establishments, expect a one-of-a-kind experience enhanced by exceptional staff and special touches. Your visit will be nothing short of delightful with extra belly rubs for your furry companion. We take great pride in having Ziggy’s Dog Parlor as part of the Powered by Best Friends network!