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Microchipping Your Pets

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Enhancing Pet Safety with Microchipping

Losing a pet can be distressing, whether your cat slips out and vanishes or your dog escapes from their collar and ventures into the wilderness. In these trying moments, you exert every effort to retrieve them, but their speed and determination often thwart your endeavors. The anxiety of a safe return grips you. Fortunately, microchipping is a valuable resource that can significantly increase your chances of reuniting with your beloved companion.

Microchipping emerges as a pivotal step to enhance pet safety, especially as the weather beckons pets outdoors. If your pet is not yet microchipped, delving into the procedure and coming to a scheduled VIP Petcare clinic, at your local Best Friends Pet Hotel, is a proactive measure.

Understanding Microchips

A microchip, a diminutive device akin to a grain of rice, is gently implanted beneath your pet’s skin. This minuscule marvel houses a unique identifier linked to your comprehensive contact information, securely stored in a database.

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Microchip Implantation

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The process of implanting a microchip is straightforward and minimally invasive, often administered during a VIP Petcare clinic visit. Remarkably, anesthesia is not required. A state-licensed VIP Petcare veterinarian employs a hypodermic needle, akin to those used for vaccinations, to insert the microchip beneath your pet’s skin, typically between the shoulder blades. While your pet may experience a fleeting moment of discomfort, it is a small price to pay compared to the heartache of permanent separation.

Cost of Microchipping

VIP Petcare offers microchipping services at a reasonable cost of no more than $35, contingent on your location. Notably, this expense includes lifetime registration, sparing you from additional charges for storing your pet’s crucial data.

Reunification through Microchips

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In the unfortunate event of your pet’s disappearance, animal shelters, rescue organizations, or veterinary facilities can swiftly locate the microchip using a scanner. With a quick wave of the scanner over your pet, it reads the chip’s frequency and reveals the unique ID number assigned to your pet. This invaluable information serves as a direct line to you, facilitating a swift reunion with your treasured companion. In fact, pets with microchips stand twice the chance of returning home if they are dogs, and over 20 times if they are cats.

However, having a microchipped pet is only part of the equation. Regularly verifying and updating your contact information in the database, accessible at, is essential to ensure accuracy.

Empower yourself as a responsible pet owner by visiting an upcoming VIP Petcare clinic to have your pet microchipped. Your proactive step today could be the key to a joyful reunion tomorrow.

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Come to an upcoming VIP Petcare clinic, and get your pet microchipped!